Welcome To

Tuk Tuk Pretoria

We’re on a Mission:

We want to make South Africa a bit more fun and friendly. Especially the roads of our country and the streets of our city. While doing that, we also want to make your world a bit more profitable. Click Here

How? With our tuk-tuk’s. 

They’re surprisingly powerful, durable, reliable and very, very economic. 
They're eye Candy. Chick Magnets, Business Enhancers, Transportation and a lot more.
They’re low maintenance, high quality, multi-purpose, from community service to that important delivery.
There is a tuk-tuk for every market – Through the city, to the airport, a hotel, festival or beach party and even on the farm. We even have a space for our corporate businesses, branding and advertising.

We have four different flavor's:

At tuk-tuk Pretoria we like to keep things simple. In the end, our tuk-tuks do the same as traditional vehicles: they get people and goods from one point to another.
 It’s the way they do it that makes a world of difference:
•    You make more money!
•    You can play outdoors all day!
•    Everybody smiles at you!

 An tuk-tuk gets the job done with more fun. In the taxi-, vending-, hospitality- and utility business our tuk-tuks are fast becoming very popular. Be part of it, COME AND JION THE RIDE!


To devote ourselves to cater to the common man's transportation needs by introducing environment-friendly vehicles which are empowered by high quality, durable, economical and latest technology products and services.


To contribute in eradication of poverty by making the common people self-dependent with our high quality, durable, economical and latest technology products and services